Send It Back!

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Having worked in the service industry for quite some time, I make it a point to be pretty goshdarn polite and sweet to servers when I’m at restaurants. However, it’s entirely possible that on some level, I do this to a fault.

I rarely send back a dish that isn’t cooked to my liking, or make a fuss about a forgotten drink order. The result of this, though, is that I often find my dining experiences relatively lackluster. But not anymore, folks, not anymore.

From now on, I’m taking control. I’m getting what I want. I’m sending back that burger if it has the wrong kind of cheese, dammit!

I’ve put this new initiative into practice the last couple of times I’ve gone out to eat. And it’s felt…powerful. The first time, it was a burger, which came with cheddar instead of the blue cheese we’d specified for. I was ready to sit back and eat it anyways, but then I thought; “No, assert yourself! Get what you deserve!”

It was a rewarding decision! And afterwards, I was high on power. I ordered a cocktail, I didn’t like it, I sent it back. I felt like I was queen of the world!

The following night, at an altogether different restaurant, I was still feeling sassy. My boyfriend ordered what can only be described as the strangest beer of all time: a Watermelon IPA that had the unpleasant aftertaste of…jolly ranchers?

Nope! No thank you! Send it back! And when the check came, and still included that hideous beer? A travesty! I said, send it back–and bring it back cheaper!

I could get used to this.