Culinary News: Whole Foods Opens In Williamsburg

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As if Williamsburg hadn’t already been swallowed into the depths of yuppiedom, it certainly has now as a Whole Foods has now opened up in the heart of the neighborhood–right on Bedford avenue.

I’ve heard Williamsburg used to be the go-to location for bohemian creatives; the first frontier for the gentrification of Brooklyn. As it happens, this accelerated process has led to the beacon of all things bourgeois making the burg its home.

Not only has the monster-sized food mecca opened its doors for purchasing groceries, it’s also featuring a whole host of hipster-friendly trendy foodstuffs like poke, smoothie bowls, and pastries from the famous Brooklyn cool-kids eatery, Roberta’s.

Oh, and there’s an underground Brew Pub.

Though there are still some mourning the loss of “when Williamsburg was still cool,” it seems like the opening of Whole Foods was an inevitable step in the absolute transformation of Brooklyn as a whole.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that gentrification is a good or necessary thing, but I will say that although Whole Foods is a ginormous food conglomerate, which in all likelihood will take over the world, it does provide some pretty tantalizing options for the tummy.

Does that lessen the evil of large-scale, pricey companies encroaching on local business and family neighborhoods? No, but it does make my belly happy.