Perfect Poached Egg

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Poached eggs are one of those elusive yet delicious treats that make you wonder what mad genius came up with the idea to begin with. Personally, I’ve been struggling to get the art of making them just right for years now. But, folks, with the help of something wonderful called the internet, I’ve managed to master it!

I used to crack the egg directly into boiling water then pretty much go off the script from there. I’d wait an indeterminate amount of time and then take a leap of faith and get the egg out.

Oh boy did I have that wrong. Here’s what you should do: boil water, not too much, just enough that it skims the bottom of a pot. Then crack the egg into a small cup or ramekin. Add a splash of vinegar and salt to the water, then use a big spoon to stir the water, so that it creates a spiraling tornado effect. Drop the egg in, turn the heat off, cover the pot and set your timer to five minutes.

Eureka! You’ll have a perfect egg every time.