Why Kids Might Love Weed Candy

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Do you love marijuana edibles? Well, you might just be a kid at heart.

Why, you ask? Because science people, science.

As legal marijuana makes its way into our society, a key concern for policy-makers and parents alike as been how to keep the substance out of the hands of children. Though a child may not likely be attracted to good old fashioned weed nuggets, they very well may be itching to get their hands on edible iterations of the drug.

Here’s the deal: more often than not, edibles take the form of sweets and candies. They may smell of marijuana, but they taste and look like gummy-bears, rice crispy treats, and brownies (to name a few).

A new study from the University of Washington School of Law’s Cannabis Law and Policy Project found that, when it comes to factors that attract children to food, things like color, fun and special shapes, and foods that are sweet fruity and candy-like win out among youngsters. It also found that odor is not an effective deterrent for kids; meaning that even if something doesn’t quite smell how it looks like it should, this wouldn’t necessarily stop them from desiring to consume it.

As it turns out, these very criteria are often applied to edible marijuana treats! So, if we want to stop kiddies from getting into their parent’s stash, we might need to start coming up with edible weed snacks that are a bit more sophisticated.

Mary-Jane Creme Brulee, anyone? How about Pot Souflee? I’m sure we’ll think of something.