In A Perfect Food World

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In a perfect food world, your avocados would always be ripe; and furthermore they’d remain in peak form even days after being cut open. Your garlic wouldn’t leave the scent lingering on your fingers for days, and eggs would absolutely never be overcooked.

In a perfect food world, nobody would be allowed to order a nice cut of steak well-done, and vegans wouldn’t feel the need to tell you that they were vegans; They’d simply enjoy their plant-based meals in silence, and there’d never be an instagram post to prove it.

In a perfect food world, your basil plant would never die. Tomatoes would be in season all year long, and there’d be no-such-thing as nut allergies. Leftovers would never go rotten in the refrigerator.

But, alas. Our world is flawed. Our tea gets cold before we remember to drink it, our experimental recipes sometimes fail, our souffles fall flat, our guests inform us that they’re lactose intolerant after we’ve already packed the meal full of soft-cheese and butter.

That said, maybe sheer perfection would take the fun out of it. Maybe our meals, and our lives, are sometimes better served cold. Variety is the spice of life, and making mistakes is how we grow as chefs…and as people, I guess.