Cockroach Milk Is A Thing

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If you’ve been around the block for a minute, you know that “mylk” is a trend. Alternatives to dairy milk, like Almond, Hemp, and Rice mylk have arisen as an answer to lactose intolerance, or avoidance. As it turns out, we may have a new option on our hands, and it comes from the last place you’d expect.

Cockroaches. Those creepy, crawly little buggers who find their way into your trash bin, your apartment, and–if you’re me–your nightmares. But, as it turns out, an international team of scientists have discovered that this unlikely source may provide nutrients like you wouldn’t believe.

The “milk” is actually more of a food than a drink; it forms into crystals while inside of the roach. Apparently, these roach crystals are essentially a fully balanced food init of themselves! They have proteins, fats and sugars.

But don’t go scouring your apartment looking for bugs to milk just yet. Although scientists predict that the milk could be extremely healthy, it hasn’t been approved for human consumption just yet. Hopefuls think that the crystals are poised to be the next superfood, and could eventually be turned into something of a protein supplement, and be tested out on those who are not known for being faint of heart–extreme athletes.

Who knows, maybe once the 2020 Olympics roll around, athletes will be endorsing the newest round of high performance bug juice! What a world, folks.