Olympic Leftovers Plant Seeds For Change

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The Olympics aren’t just about super buff, accomplished athletes showing off their prowess. Apparently, they’re also about stuff like sustainability and altruism. Who knew?

It’s no secret that Rio has had its fair share of social unrest and political furor recently, both as a result of and completely independently from this year’s Olympic games–the city has problems with poverty, hunger, and violence that run deep.

It’s also common knowledge that Olympic athletes eat a shit-ton of food.

So why not take this as an opportunity to funnel extra food into community in need? Well, that’s exactly what a team of acclaimed international chefs are doing. A project called RafettoRio Gastromotiva, aims to prepare about 100 three course meals every night of the Olympic Games! They’ll be using leftover, donated food the Olympic Village kitchen.

The City of Rio is supporting the initiative by providing the initiative with free use of the city center, and the program is headed by a Michelin star awarded chef, Massimo Bottura! He is joined by acclaimed Brazilian chef David Hertz, along with many others.

Ideally, this initiative will set an example for other world events; reminding all of us to give back and pay it forward.