Review: 99 Rogers

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It’s finally time for the 2016 Olympics, people! And that means, that while elite athletes push their mental and physical selves to the limit of human achievement, I can sit at bars and watch their feats while getting drunk and eating fried food.

And that’s exactly what I did at 99 Rogers last weekend. 99 Rogers, in Bed Stuy, is kind of like a hybrid between a restaurant and a sports bar. It was the perfect place to pass the afternoon on a hot summer’s day.

I arrived before my friend, who was meeting me there, and I took a seat at the bar. I was informed that I’d arrived at the “magic hour”–wherein which both brunch drink specials and happy hour prices applied.

Wow! Just my luck! I had no choice but to order myself two drinks right off the bat. A Delirium Tremens beer and a Bloody Mary. Please and thank you.

Soon thereafter, my friend arrived, and ordered the same. We then followed up by choosing a Fried Catfish sandwich (with fries), and some extra hot Buffalo Wings.

By the time the food arrived, I was already a little drunk. But everything was crispy and tasty and fried to perfection. Clearly we were extremely charming customers, because after not too long we gained access to the remote control and were able to flip between our favorite Olympic sports willy-nilly.