Secret Taco Bell Speakeasy

I have a confession to make.

I’ve never eaten Taco Bell. I mean it! Not once has this famously tasty, yet gastrointestinally challenging, “food” passed through my lips. Sad? Maybe. True, definitely. Luckily here at BTRtoday I am joined by an angelic coworker, one Elena Childers, who is all too familiar with Taco Bell and who tipped me off to the existence of a Taco Bell Speakeasy, open for an extremely limited amount of time. Read on to find out how to access this once in a lifetime opportunity, only open until 10:00 p.m. tonight!

Before divulging the details of this super special secret speakeasy, I think it’s necessary to give a little credit where credit is due: to outline the committed relationship of Elena with her taco safehaven. She is perhaps the ultimate Taco Bell Fangirl. And she deserves some recognition!

It all began in her youth, when Elena would go to Taco Bell every day after school, and just eat tacos and play cards FOR HOURS. When her neighborhood location announced that they were closing, the management decided that it would only be fair and fitting to include photographs of Elena and her friends on the “Employee Of The Month” wall. I mean it! She had a framed photo on the place for being an outstanding employee and she didn’t even fucking work there!

To this day, every year her best friend’s boyfriend gets her a gift card to Taco Bell for Christmas. She is a diehard fan if I’ve ever heard of one. Remaining true to her roots, Elena has indulged in the same order since she was twelve years old: a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Cinnamon Twist, and a Baja Blast. You go girl!

Anyhow, if Elena decides to visit this super secret Taco Bell Speakeasy (only open until 10pm today!) she might have to alter that order just a little bit. The brave few who make the trek to 399 Lafayette Street in NYC, look for the refrigerator, and call (212)-655-9833 between the hours of 12:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. can reserve a time, and be treated to a free preview of the new Naked Chicken Chalupa.

Maybe it’s finally time I lose my Taco Bell virginity? What better way to finally break an accidental tradition than with a meal that’s absolutely free!