Going the Distance: Whole30 Instagram Accounts to Get You Through January

Shouts of “new year, new me!” erupt every January, with many of us resolving to lead healthier lives than we did in the previous year. After getting past the gluttonous holidays, we want to start fresh. But forming new habits is easier said than done—that’s why many rely on Whole30 to kick harmful routines and jump-start their new lifestyle.

You’ve probably noticed Whole30 in headlines and hashtags on your feed, so here’s the skinny: a strict elimination diet, Whole30 followers cut out alcohol, dairy, grains, legumes and sugar for 30 days (see what they did there?). These are foods co-founder Melissa Hartwig identified as problematic when she first blogged the plan in 2009, and she says we often don’t even realize they’re causing digestive issues and hindering weight loss.

Casting aside your Camembert for a beach body might seem impossible, but more and more people are taking on the challenge each January, which means there’s plenty of information—and inspiration—out there to help you succeed. Besides the official Whole30 Instagram accounts, here are great feeds chock-full of recipes to keep you on track:


In her contributions to HuffPo Taste, feedfeed and other outlets, Teri Turner showcases flavorful, Whole30-approved dishes for all occasions. Having a party? There’s her zesty fiesta platter of thinly sliced and sautéed sweet potatoes with fried eggs, bacon, avocado, cilantro and jalapeños. Craving a romantic night? Spoil bb with Turner’s decadent seafood cocktail of lobster in a ghee and sriracha-based sauce.


Michelle Tam knows quite a bit about recipe creation—so much so she’s developed her own Webby award-winning cooking app, on top of being a James Beard award-winning and <em>New York Times</em> best-selling author and a Saveur award-winning blogger. She’ll give you exciting ideas for entire meals, like the complete breakfast of fresh green salad with carrots and a sunnyside up egg paired with a coconut milk matcha latte.


With a clean, minimal aesthetic and a well-rounded focus, Caroline Fausel makes eating Whole30 super accessible with dishes of few ingredients, simply prepared. Between giveaways of high-quality self care products and funny posts with her kids, you’ll find recipes you can prep for the week no matter how busy you are—like her salad of grilled chicken over a bed of greens with carrots, parsnips, pecans and dates.


“If you can’t have fun on Whole30…then what are you even doing?!” Kendra Cardoza asks in a recent diet-friendly recipe post, perfectly encapsulating her approach to the plan. Her recipes, like the one for crispy smashed potatoes with chipotle aioli and crispy prosciutto, are diverse and snack-worthy satisfying so you’ll stick to the program and won’t find yourself annihilating an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers at 4:37 on Tuesday afternoon.


Whole30-certified coaches and dieticians Jessica and Stacie design hearty meals sure to make you forget even the word “diet,” let alone the fact that you’re on one. They’re all about encouraging you to save yourself from leftover fatigue with crazy flavorful dishes like their sheet pan kielbasa veggie bake, their chicken tikka masala skewers with cilantro-lime yogurt sauce appetizer and their slow cooker barbecue beef-stuffed baked sweet potato with crispy slaw.