What's Your Comfort Food?

Comfort food has a different meaning for everybody. It’s whatever gives you the warm and fuzzies from the inside out–makes you feel at home, makes you feel like your stomach is filled with love.

For me, this boils down to the powerful food memories I have from growing up: of my mom preparing elaborate dinners during the cold winter months. To this day, there’s nothing like a beautiful roast chicken to make me feel taken care of and cozy.

What’s your favorite meal to eat when you’re feeling down? The website Ranker recently conducted a poll to find out the top comfort foods for Americans, and the results are pretty, well, comforting.

The food which scored the highest? None other than grilled cheese. No surprise there. After good ole grilled cheese, chocolate ranked second (duh), followed by pizza, ice cream, french fries, and macaroni and cheese. Also in the top 10 were mashed potatoes, fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies, and spaghetti and meatballs.

Inexplicably, beef stew ranked at number 35 (out of 100) and breakfast cereal at 36.

Although each of our personal comfort foods may vary, there’s certainly something to be said for the fact that food has the power to evoke an emotional response in us. It’s truly one of the purest and most universal ways that people show love and care. I know that when I have a friend or loved one that feels distressed, the first thing I think of is feeding them and trying to make it all better.

So, next time you’re feeling down, instead of a bottle of wine why not reach for a grilled cheese? I’m not sure that one is necessarily healthier than the other, but hey, delicious food is certainly good for your emotional health!