School Lunch May Go Kosher

School lunches seem to be one of those political issues that just keeps popping up. Whether it is in debates about subsidizing free lunch, questions about the appropriate caloric value of the meal, or uproar over whether or not pizza is a vegetable, it seems like school lunch is always on the table.

Now, New York City is expanding the conversation, by delving into what it means to provide school lunches for every child: no matter their background. David Werpin, an assemblyman from Queens, recently introduced a bill that–if passed–would provide school lunches that meet religious dietary restrictions, like kosher and halal.

Werpin’s district, Queens, is one of the most diverse urban areas in the entire world. So, it’s no surprise that this region might lead the charge when it comes to providing a more inclusive array of food options; the demographics of Queens represent a microcosm of the world at large!

Werpin told the New York Post; “The city is much more diverse religiously now than it’s ever been, it’s important that we honor and respect each other’s religions.”

Werpin also pointed out that senior centers and prisons both provide options for halal and kosher meals, so it shouldn’t be a stretch for schools to begin to do so as well.

With more inclusive school lunch options, and the government support to subsidize the meals of those children whose families cannot afford to pay, we could ensure that every child attending school in America doesn’t go home hungry. And that seems like something that we can all get behind.