Ranch Is Having a Comeback

Is it just me, or is ranch having a comeback? This condiment, though a classic, has for years seemed like a relic of the past. It brings to mind veggie dip platters at parent-teacher conferences and after-school visits to to your best friend’s house in the fifth grade, whose parents let them eat Little Debbie snacks. However, lately Hidden Valley (the company all-but synonymous with the flavor) has really upped their game! They’ve moved into the 21st century full throttle. Here’s how.

First of all, a couple of years ago Hidden Valley began partnering with “Top Chef,” becoming one of the sponsors of this high-end cooking show. Seems kind of weird, right? Like, when I think snooty foodie ingredients, I don’t exactly think ranch, but somehow they pulled it off!

And that’s not all. Hidden Valley has recently upped the ante by providing some specialty items on their online store that will pretty much blow your mind, as well as blow any competition out of the water. Like what, you ask? Oh, just a RANCH FOUNTAIN, and a BEDAZZLED RANCH BOTTLE, and a RANCH COOZIE.

Yes, all of that and more! It seems that Hidden Valley understands that if you want to keep millennials coming back for more, you gotta have merch, baby!

I’m looking at you, Heinz Ketchup and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! I think it’s about time that these condiment giants start providing t-shirts and backpacks, bracelets, and pocket sauce dispensers. You have to grow with the times to stay hip.