There's a Major Maple Syrup Shortage

Guys. Shit is going down and it’s dire. There’s a maple syrup shortage and if this doesn’t get dealt with then I am going to blow a gasket.

I’m from Vermont. And I eat maple syrup every day. Yes, you heard me! I have maple syrup in my coffee every morning, and it’s also a “secret ingredient” in soups, sauces, marinades, and just about anything else that I make. When I was in college, I used to carry a half pint jar of maple syrup in my pocket when I went to the dining hall. My love for this stuff is real.

At my family home we even tap trees and make our own homemade batch of this sweet, sticky elixir! But, due to unseasonably warm weather, this year’s sap flow is running low.

Quick lesson: Sap flow usually happens during the late days of winter and early days of spring, when the temperatures are slightly higher during the day yet still dip below freezing in the night. The length of the sap run depends on how long the weather stays in this sweet spot, and with unusually warm weather happening earlier than it ordinarily does the sap run can be cut short, and the syrup supply is largely affected as a result. That’s exactly what’s going on right now.

Yet another reason why we need to stop treating our planet like shit and recognize that climate change is a very real problem with some very real repercussions! Perhaps not being able to consume maple syrup every morning isn’t the absolute worst side-effect of the steady deterioration of our planet’s resources, but it’s still a pretty big bummer!