Eating Oranges in the Shower Is a Thing

I have some pretty weird fruit habits. Nothing gross per se, but I have been known to scarf down kind of insane amounts of pineapple or grapes while in bed. The problem is, though, that there’s an unfortunate amount of stickiness that accompanies such endeavors. But now a new door has opened for me to explore my eccentric fruit consumption. Or at least a new curtain–a shower curtain?

As it turns out, I’m not the only person who has suffered the effects of sticky fruit fingers. Most people can relate to the experience of peeling a juicy orange and having the juice drip down your arms and to your elbows.

However, a new trend has people freeing themselves from the worry and mess that surrounds orange eating by tearing into these suckers while showering. This way, you can cleanse yourself and stuff your mouth with a burst of citrus-y goodness at the same time! There’s even a subreddit dedicated to the topic.

Reddit user Haydo1239 writes, “I couldn’t stop myself. I tried one and kept going until I hit six and realized what I had done. Truly life changing.” While Guyfierifanaccount says that the experience was like, “Embarking on a journey comparable to climbing Mt. Everest with Gandhi.”

I have to admit, I’m not new to shower consumption. I’ve drank my fair share of shower beers, and it’s glorious. But I have yet to try the orange in the shower challenge. Honestly, though, it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Sometimes there’s an idea so earth-shattering that it just changes the game completely, and I think that the universe may have found that in the shower orange experiment.