This One's For The Bros

We live in a crazy world, filled with chaos, tribulations and struggle. Sometimes, it feels like the only thing you can control is how to fuel your own body. And, although the choice to eat healthily is a pretty easy one to make, sometimes the mechanics of doing so aren’t so simple. When it comes down to it, often people just don’t know how to exercise proper nutrition, luckily that’s where nutrition services can step in to fill in the gaps. Enter: “Eat Clean Bro,” a food preparation and delivery system that helps bros fill their rock-hard bodies with more than just beer.

The company’s “Bro Zone” extends to New York and New Jersey, and their menu is separated into different types of proteins for individuals to choose from, and it makes the promise of providing well-balanced, affordable, and delicious food. Their website says that it can cater to the needs of each individual: “Whether you are looking to lose weight, live a clean and healthy life, or build lean muscle mass through a clean diet, our service has a line of meals to fit your lifestyle.”

The website also boasts some testimonials from bros all over the place, like Mike Crowson, who sings praises for the service. He says, enthusiastically, “As a personal trainer it’s hard to find a legit company that stands behind their healthy food.” going on to claim that the food system contributed to his muscle mass: “I have used Eat Clean Bro for six months now and I never miss meals anymore and actually have put on muscle because of it! No more ordering out just to get chicken. Half the price and twice the convenience!”

So, if you’re a bro looking to get your diet in order, I suppose you should look no further. Personally, to me the pictures on the website look bland, basic, and almost offensively unexciting. But, so what–this one isn’t for me, this one’s for the bros.