Starbucks Executive Steps Down

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Remember life before Starbucks? I certainly don’t. It was a simpler time, I presume, with less whipped cream and seasonal coffee flavors.

Starbucks is one of the most successful coffee businesses in the world: with storefronts located in seventy-five countries around the globe. A lot of the chain’s success is due to chief executive  Howard Schultz, who has led the company to great heights.

Now, Schultz is stepping aside. Does this mean a new path for Starbucks? The exec is passing his position to longtime friend, Kevin Johnson. Schultz told the New York Times that parting is such sweet sorrow, stating ““I love the company as much as I love my family.”

Some speculate that Schultz is leaving Starbucks in order to pursue a career in politics full time. He’s been an avid political voice, who has close ties both to President Barack Obama, and to Hillary Clinton. It’s not out of the question that Schultz may be looking towards a presidency himself.

As of yet, it’s impossible to say what the shift will mean for the company, or for Schultz’s outside career. Will the PSL continue? Will customers still have to grin and bear it when they order a “small” and the barista smugly responds “oh, you mean, a ‘Tall’?”

Schultz says that he will still remain an active voice in the company, even after the transition is through. He also is going to continue to work on Starbucks’ premium coffee brand, which will be a specialty item not available everywhere.

So, who knows, maybe by 2024 the White House will have a different executive in charge, and the Oval Office will be serving espresso!