Your New Fave Food: Honey Bee Brood

As you may or may not know, our planet is imminently doomed and we may be forced to rethink nearly every aspect of society sooner than we think. Okay, so that might be a bit dramatic, but there are some things that need to change! Like our food consumption habits, for example.

The world population is increasing, and our nutritional sources are depleting. So scientists are exploring alternative methods for satiating our people. One of these exploratory techniques is to delve into the wonderful, protein-rich world of insects.

That’s right, those creepy, crawly, pesky little bugs that you curse and kill just might be the answer to solving world hunger! Insects are already an integral part of cuisine at all sorts of global locales, but they haven’t exactly made their way into American cuisine.

Bee brood, in particular, is a substance that has been used in Thai, Australian, and Mexican cuisine for its nutty flavor and crunchy texture. What exactly is “bee brood” you ask? Quite simply, it is the larvae and pupae of drones.

Side note: Who knew that drones could do more than deliver pizza, film remotely, and wage remote wars! JK, OBVIOUSLY IT’S A DIFFERENT TYPE OF DRONE, PEOPLE. For those who don’t know, drones are male bees. Their sole purpose is for mating: they do not have stingers, or gather pollen and nectar like their female worker bee counterparts. They exist purely to mate with the queen when she is fertile.


Anyways, turns out these male bees might be good for more than just their mating potential! According to ScienceDaily, the bee brood they produce “has high nutritional value, similar to beef in terms of protein quality and quantity.”

So, if you want to start saving the world, you might want to put away your T-bone and make a beeline for the smaller stuff.

Brood farming is cheaper than dairy and cattle, and–naturally–it takes up significantly less space! Many beekeepers already know the process for removing brood, and furthermore apiarists can practice their craft pretty much anywhere!

Professor Bruun Jensen, during studies of brood, declared that he hopes that honey bee products will help to; “pave the way for the acceptance of insects as a food in the western world.” Taking all of this issues into account, it might be time to start exploring the tastes of bee brood, and other products like it.