It's Restaurant Week!

Winter fucking sucks. Just admit it. But, there are a couple of things which shed light on the darkness! First of all, there’s Netflix, beautiful beautiful Netflix. But, if you live in New York, there’s also NYC Restaurant Week, winter edition. The biannual event also happens in summer, but, let’s be honest: that time of year we’re all too busy and boozed up to care about much of anything besides the beach.

But, during the depths of winter, it’s a different story. Ask yourself: what could you possibly have to do besides gorge yourself on delicious food? Nothing, people, nothing. So it’s a good thing that Restaurant Week just happens to be occurring right now–and, surprise, it’s actually more like two weeks! So, Jan. 23 through Feb. 10, you can visit any number of dope-ass restaurants and get a deal that will leave your stomach full and your wallet…less full, but still pretty flush.

How does it work? Visit the Restaurant Week website to find a full listing of every eatery that is participating. There you’ll also find the set prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, both on weekends and weekdays. These prices are for prix fixe meals, usually three courses. Yes please! Unfortunately, booze is usually on your own buck. You can also book a table at many of the restaurants, straight from the website, or of course you can call ahead for a reservation or just walk right in.

It’s the perfect time to stuff your face! Pack on a couple of extra pounds to ward off the cold weather, while also discovering new go-to restaurants in your neighborhood. This promo is a great opportunity to impress friends and loved ones, and to come across as a very “in-the-know” city-dweller. Time to get hungry!