Starbucks To Introduce New Drink

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Coming as no surprise to anybody, Starbucks is posturing to release a new drink that promises to get your mouth watering and your blood flowing.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Starbucks. When I was in the eighth grade or so, I discovered the Caramel Frappucino: a drink which captured my heart and soul. A tween with a taste for caffeine, this was right up my ally. Unfortunately, growing up in a small town in rural Vermont, the closest Starbucks to me was an hour away! So I could only get the drink on special occasions.

Nowadays, there’s a Starbucks right up the block from me. The novelty has certainly worn off, and I’ve come to find sugary drinks like the Frappucino quite disgusting. That said, I’m always willing to try a new coffee drink, and it looks like the coffee giants might have something to offer that would make it all worthwhile.

(Side note: the last time I tried a specialty drink at Starbucks was when I caved and tasted a PSL. It was disgusting. It was terrible. I do not understand.)

There isn’t all that much information about what this new drink will entail, but we do know the name of it: the Cascara Latte. In keeping with tradition, the drink premiered to a limited amount of investors at a private event: this annual meeting gives investors an idea of what is to come in the next few years, and is also a place where a drink that was dreamed up either at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery or the Tasting Room (in Seattle). The drink is later distributed to Starbucks storefronts all over the world.

Here’s some information that can be deduced from the name, though: “cascara” refers to the shell of a coffee bean, the part that is usually removed and discarded. The byproduct has been used to make other drinks, like tea, but Starbucks wanted to take it a step further.

Focusing on sustainability is a pillar of the company’s mission, and this drink does just that: it incorporates an under-appreciated ingredient in a new way!

The new ingredient adds a brown sugar like taste and quality, without making the drink too sweet.

This drink will make it to a Starbucks near you sometime in the not too distant future.