Big Food, Big Problem

Food Network’s new show, “Ginormous Food,” takes viewers on a tour of the most over-the-top, biggest, baddest eats in the land. And, to be honest, something about this premise rubs me the wrong way.

I can concede that, for most shows with a culinary impetus, there’s a certain amount of privilege and obliviousness that predicates the endeavor. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that an interest in food is frivolous—what could be more universal, inclusive, and important than food? But, cooking with super expensive, high-end ingredients, for an insular community of snooty chefs isn’t necessarily the most righteous path one can embark on when it comes to food. That said, I fucking love “Top Chef,” “Mind Of A Chef,” and shows of that ilk!

But the shows that are based on pure, unadulterated, gluttony: that’s something I just can’t quite get behind. Certainly, there is something utterly transfixing about watching the likes of Guy Fieri and Adam Richman from “Man Vs. Food” stuff their faces with fatty oozy deliciousness (I mean, it’s semi-gross but somehow entertaining)…but sometimes I can’t help but feel that the massive amounts of indulgent food featured on the show are a bit wasteful, and over the top.

“Ginormous Food” definitely falls in the same vein. It features, you guessed it, foodstuffs that are unnecessarily huge. Like bagels the size of tables, and big-ass fucking pizzas and shit. It’s pretty much the antithesis of responsible consumption.

Watching people gorge themselves on subs as long as they are tall is certainly a measure of disconnect from the pressing matters of global food insecurity. Now more than ever we should each be deliberate about the food we consume, the edible matter that goes to waste, and how we could conduct ourselves in a more sustainable fashion! Climate change and massive food waste leave many disproportionately affected. And, although this line of reasoning is perhaps a trite guilting tactic used by mothers to force their children to eat broccoli; there are starving children all over the world, goddamnit!

Whatever, though, Food Network. Obviously you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do. And big food makers all over the country are going to continue their endeavors as well. I just hope that, at the very least, these massive servings are getting finished and not thrown away!