Yes! An Official Shower Beer!

Shower beer. A blessing, a phenomenon, an answer to your prayers. If you’ve never experienced the joy of guzzling an ice cold beer while you suds yourself silly, then you’ve missed out on one of the great pleasures of life.

There was a time in my life when every night, before curling up in bed, I treated myself to a luxurious hot shower accompanied by an icy cold beer. There was a slight hitch in my plan, though, and if you’ve ever attempted to drink your brew while you stew you know just what I’m talking about: the beer would be warmed by the steam of the shower. Unless I chugged it, my refreshing drink simply didn’t have the endurance to make it to the end of my elaborate cleansing ritual.

Finally, somebody has responded with an answer to this conundrum! A Swedish creative company, called Snask, has partnered up PangPang, a brewery in the region, to create a beer specifically designed to be enjoyed whilst bathing. It is entitled, simply the Shower Beer.

What makes this beer so perfect for the shower, you ask? Well, there are a few factors that the creators integrated into the product to make sure that it meets all of your steamy needs.

First of all, the beer is compact: rather than your regular 12oz bottle, this little guy weighs in at around half that size, but don’t worry, they’re not skimping on booze! The alcohol content is 10%, which is about twice as alcoholic as your average beer. So, the little bottle still packs a punch! Furthermore, the bottle was created with the shower in mind, so the beer-makers opted out of a paper label so that it wouldn’t dissolve into nothingness.

Sound great? Wanna get your hands on this little treasure? Well, that’s too bad, because the first batch of beer was so popular that it sold out almost immediately. And don’t expect round two all that soon; the brew is currently only available in Scandinavia, though the beermakers are looking for distributors all over the world, so that everybody can enjoy this treat inside the comfort of their own shower.

Until then, we’ll just have to stick to normal beer while we shower. Which is still pretty okay, I guess.