World's Most Expensive Chip

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I never thought I’d see the day when the potato chip, one of the least fussy and most delicious foods out there, would become a luxury good.

Of course, artisan chips have been long in the making, small batch and high-end kettle cooked goodies populate most bodega’s shelves. Specialty flavors and refined textures make these snacks downright delicious; though I’m not sure that they’re necessarily better tasting than their run-of-the-mill counterparts. Classic Lays and Herr’s potato chips are fine by me.

Now, it seems there’s a new trend arising: the gourmet potato chip. A few weeks back, Paqui introduced their Carolina Reaper Madness Chip; a single serving chip sold for five dollars a package, promising to be the spiciest chip in the entire world. Due to their overwhelming popularity, the chip has already sold out!

But Paqui won’t be the only purveyors to bring small batch chips to the table. Now, a Swedish company called St. Eriks is making what they intend to be “The World’s Most Exclusive Chip!” It’s also likely that, at $56.00 for a box of five, it also might be the world’s most expensive as well.

The chips are handmade, crafted from “select almond potatoes harvested by hand.” They are seasoned with esoteric and refined flavors, like Matsutake mushrooms from Sweden, and truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands (among other things).

Chef Pi Le, who developed the recipe, has been quoted as saying “It took a delicate touch, a finely honed sense of taste and time to ensure that each chip would achieve a perfect balance between the various ingredients…All of the ingredients are of a stature that not many will have tried before. These chips are an excellent accompaniment to craft beer, or simply enjoyed on their own.”

Now, I’m not about to spend over $10 on a single potato chip, but if somebody wants to buy me a box (yes, they come in a sleek box with individual homes for each chip, to avoid breakage…) I’ll definitely eat it.