Say Hello And Goodbye To These Oreos

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A batch of Oreos distributed across the country has been recalled, due to a failure on the part of the company to declare that the cookies contained milk—a common allergen.

Mondelez Global LLC (a conglomerate confections production company which absorbed previous business, J. L. Kraft & Bros. Co., National Dairy Products and Kraft Foods Inc.) issued a recall, after it became clear that the unmarked cookies could result in sickness on the part of lactose intolerant consumers.

The move came soon after another controversial recall, in which Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot Biscuits were pulled off the shelves, after consumers reported that the food tasted off, and at times caused illness–this was especially controversial, given that the biscuits are marketed as adequate first solid foods for babies.

As much as recalls such as these are troubling (because of the large scale distribution of processed foods like Oreos…) I do have some questions. First of all, come on guys, obviously there’s dairy in Oreos! They have a cream filling! If you’re that severely lactose intolerant, wouldn’t it maybe be in your best interest to avoid foods that seem as though they might contain dairy, even if they’re not properly marked?

And, secondly: Why are you feeding biscuits to your baby! That seems like a very strange and unhealthy thing to do!

I’m perplexed. But that won’t stop me from stuffing my face with Oreos, because I’m neither lactose-intolerant, nor a baby. Lucky me!