Are Doughflowers More Than Gimmicks?

Wake up and smell a different kind of roses. Ones that rise in the oven instead of from the ground.

You heard me: beloved New York pastry makers the Doughnut Plant has created a collection of “Doughflowers”: “rose shaped yeast doughnuts” that come in the flavors Strawberry, Blood Orange and Rose.

I’m not usually tempted by gimmicky food trends. Cronuts and Sushi Burritos didn’t excite me. Give me the classics every day of the week. However, sometimes the fanciful and the flavorful combine to create something downright fantastic: the Doughflower might be just that.

When I glimpsed the Instagram-friendly treat the Doughnut Plant had cooked up, I encountered something distantly familiar. What was this feeling creeping into my consciousness? It was like an old friend I hadn’t seen in years sliding into my DMs. Could it be desire?  

The heart wants what it wants, so I trekked over to Doughnut Plant to get my hands on my very own bouquet of Doughflowers. I decided before my journey that I would try the Blood Orange, because I’m a sucker for foods that are sweet and a bit tart at the same time, as this flavor promised to be.

To my dismay, the Doughflowers were sold out by the time I arrived. But I had already gotten myself worked up at the thought of a delicious sugary snack.  Instead, I settled for two of their cake doughnuts: Cinnamon Sugar and Pistachio. They were crumbly and scrumptious, not too sweet or overpowering. Just right.

This was all well and good, but would I ever be able to taste my heart’s desire?

Luckily I had the chance to ask Doughnut Plant owner Mark Isreal a few questions, and he assuaged my fear of having missed out by explaining that the Doughflowers would be available indefinitely. Not only that, but he shared that more flavors were being dreamt up, and could be expected to join the original three soon. He also said that Doughnut Plant is always developing more whimsical treats—so those of us with a sweet tooth have something to look forward to.

I asked Isreal where the inspiration for this seasonal pastry came from. He answered; “The truth? I was looking for something special to do for Valentine’s Day this year, but it took so long it ended up being a Mother’s Day release!” He explained that the concept of the Doughflower wasn’t entirely new, but the execution (a.k.a. the gorgeous shape) was a twist on the classic, “We’ve been making a Rose Petal doughnut since 1994, when we started, and I wanted to do something new.”

What makes Doughnut Plant’s concoctions so special? The secret is simple, according to Isreal, “Originality, love and devotion!”

With a recipe like that, how can you go wrong?