Catching up with Telephoned


Written by: Danielle Pittner

A few months ago BreakThru Radio met Telephoned, was blown away, and featured them in the Discovery Artist series. We recently caught up with them at their EP release show on Valentine’s Day at Hotel Chantelle.

DJ, producer, and drummer of the moment, Sammy Bananas.

Hotel Chantelle, not typically known as a venue, is transformed into a DIY night club once a month when Sammy Bananas and Maggie Horn host their ‘Switchboard’ events featuring artists such as Penguin Prison, DJ Rad, Morse Code. So naturally, the duo held their release party at their tried and true spot. This Switchboard night was all about Telephoned as they dropped their Ring Ring EP, which is comprised of three new and completely original songs.

The EP’s title, Ring Ring, plays on the band’s name in relation to the telecommunications device as well as the childhood game we’ve all played and loved.

Frontwoman Maggie Horn sets the tone with bandmate Sammy Bananas in the background.

“We play it [the game] as far as subtly changing aspects of other songs that we hear and giving our interpretation,” says Sammy Bananas, “there are moments in our originals where we add covers to kind of keep it flowing.”

After two years of pumping out mixes, mash-ups, and touring the world, the duo still exude energy with a zest for new perspective and interpretation. Sammy Bananas speaks on how they keep it fresh: “I think we both find joy out of making music that makes other people happy. We’re both in a place in our lives where we’re not angsty teenagers so we’re about making music that’s fun. That’s just where we both are. So that’s what the songs are.”

It is evident that the fun comes across in the music as more and more people crowd around the small makeshift stage in the corner of the lounge. Heads bob, cameras flash, and the crowd cheers.

As Horn says, “we’re working on a full length album of mostly originals. Stay tuned!” So, do just that and buy their Ring Ring EP to tide you over while you eagerly wait.

All Photos by Danielle Pittner.