BTR's Favorite Things


Happy Black Friday! Shopping season is officially in full swing, and here at BTR, we’re celebrating by asking our DJs and staff for their favorite things. Enjoy this BTR wish list!

1. DJ Mojo of The Maximum Music Hour

“For audio components, NOTHING beats Naim Audio, especially vintage Naim components.”

2. DJ Molly of The Hash

“Here’s the number one thing on my wish list this year: Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks from Sock Dreams!”

3. DJ Kory of BTR Sports and Book Talk

The Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour 11-Box 114 Complete CD Set

4. DJ Madalyn of DJ Madalyn BTR and God Bless Weirdmerica

“A Jambox is at the top of my list, so I can play my music anywhere and still have it sound great. The design on these guys is so cool, and I love this green and grey combo!”

5. DJ Wynn of DJ Wynn BTR and The Worldwide Hour

“I bought this for myself last year and I think it would be great for someone into stories and design.”

6. DJ Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover

My favorite concert film ever — my five year old son and I watch it on YouTube a few times a month.”

7. DJ Margaret of Biology of the Blog and The Music Digest

“This is dorky, but I really want an electric toothbrush for Christmas.”

8. Bryan Bruchman of BTRtv and Instagram


9. DJ Wayne Ski of The Hip Hop Show

This is at the top of my list this year!! I need it for home and on the go use for my beats!!”

10. DJ Dane of The Hash

“A Barbour jacket. Whenever I see people in them I get insanely jealous.”

11. DJ Linus of The Jazz Hole

“Anything from this website really! I have been in NYC for years, but if there is one thing besides family and friends that I miss, it’s the quality of natural, organic, local swiss food, anything from the cheese to the chocolate. This website carries things such as the unbelievable Thomy French Mayonnaise, which will put you off any other Mayo you have ever tasted, and much more.”

12. DJ Audrey II of The Night Show

“My pick is this adorable Otamatone. As the description says, it’s the world’s weirdest and cutest musical instrument – how could you go wrong??”

13. DJ Repete of DJ Repete BTR

“Play all the musics!!!!! Not just for video, Apple TV is perfect for the DJ at heart who wants to access their entire music library from their external hard drive in one room, and rock out via an entertainment center in another. You can even use an iPhone or iPad as a remote via Airplay. One of this DJ’s favorite things and someday it shall be mine!”

14. DJ Laura of Jam Session

“The newest Dead book! The Grateful Dead FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Greatest Jam Band in History by Tony Sclafani. Available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Because without the Dead, there would be no Jam Session with DJ Laura!!! 🙂 Also, Tony is an amazing writer, and so so so brilliant.”

15. DJ Jordan of Discovery Corner

Sweet record player! That’s what I want, Mom!”

16. Matt DeMello, Editorial Director and Co-Host of Third Eye Weekly

“In case any BTR reader hasn’t been able to tell, Lou Reed’s death hit me pretty hard. I’ve been looking forward to this 3-disc anniversary box set of White Light/White Heat for a while now, but the anticipation is taking on a whole new level now that Lou’s gone. A 45th Anniversary seems like an innocuous occasion to celebrate. Then again, WL/WH never really got its due in the first place. What I’m looking forward to most about the release is the live set recorded from April 1967, not long after the release of Nico, that includes one of the first performances of ‘Sister Ray’.”

17. DJ Drew of The Reggae Hour

“The most necessary piece of recording equipment for any dub enthusiast – the Roland RE-201 also known as ‘The Space Echo’. It’s green, it’s shiny, it’s pretty, and it’s results make your regular old delay unit look stupid and shameful for even trying. The original ones are hard to come by, but Boss put out a replica pedal of it called the RE-20, which is as close to a clone of analog tape as a digital pedal can get. I have one already, is it bad that I want another?”

18. Crazy DJ Bazarro of Latin Hip Hop

“A lot of us NY DJs be on-the-go 365 days a year. So we have to dress right to the weather.
Christmas is coming and we know the weather is going to be super cold. A great gift and low price for a nice weather outerwear coat. I suggest this $56.00 coat from Enyce. Warm and not expensive.”

19. Zachary Schepis, Intern

“I think my top pick would have to be a vinyl pressing of my favorite album, A Meeting By The River (by Ry Cooder and Visha Mohan Bhatt). I’ve been searching for a copy of it for years now, a true musical gem.”

20. DJ Latola of In The Den

“I want me a Nagra SD.”

21. Cal Rifkin, CEO

“One of the best things ever for running or being outside in cold weather!”

22. Meredith Schneider, Social Media Team

“I really want a 6 pack of MMMHops beer!”

23. Jorri Roberts, Intern

“Tickets to ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ starring Neil Patrick Harris!”