BTR Introduces: Third Eye


For the past month, we at BTR have been watching as unrest of historic proportions unfold all over the world; from as far away as Egypt to our own backyard in Manhattan. Though music may not be brandishing a social consciousness as strongly today as it has in the past, current events involve all of us and no less are they important to patricians and plebeians than they are to cultural examiners, consumers and–ahem, artists.

Which is why we’re introducing ‘Third Eye’ to the website this week. What is Third Eye, you ask? It’s the brand new menu to the immediate right of your screen (and should be adjacent to this text) that is easily accessible from our landing page. In that menu you will find all recent posts for our Radio Dispatch programs, Pulse videos, Month In Review, and any articles from our Writing staff with a perspective on what’s happening in the news.

True to our founding principles, BTR will not operate in the hurricane of the 24-hour news cycle but we will continue to bring you stories that get lost in the noise. Now, they’ll just be easier to find.

We appreciate your continued support and thank you for visiting BTR.


The Staff