BreakThru News, Ep. 39: Dating Do’s and Don’t’s


By Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein

If you had to give your biggest piece of dating advice to your future children, what would it be? Buzzfeed compiled two lists, one from 24 women to their (hypothetical) daughters, and one from 24 men to their (similarly hypothetical) sons. The outcome is interesting–not as an actual attempt at parenting advice, but as an example of current attitudes that we hold about ourselves.

The women’s advice gravitates around the themes of “being yourself”, “not worrying”, “sexual liberation”, and “self-reliance”. The number of comments devoted to rejecting dating anxiety might reassure some that we are generally moving past it, though cynics could interpret the opposite message: the extent to which it is confidently rejected is the extent to which it is still a dominant concern.

The men’s thoughts contrast with interesting similarities and differences. Firstly, they cover a broader spectrum of concerns, from “make him/her/them breakfast” to “don’t give up on your mustache”. Perhaps most charming is seeing several defenses of male sentimentality, including “don’t be afraid to genuinely express how you feel” and the more blunt “don’t be a dick”. Apparently guys also have stronger feelings about pets, wrestling, and sensible shoes.

BreakThru News hashed out these ideas this week with BTR’s Dane Feldman and Molly Freeman, hosts of The Hash. A particular point of confusion was the suggestion “know that you are actually on a date first”, and somehow along the way Dane revealed a personal belief about the importance of crying…

Video Credits
Host, Writer – Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein
Video Editor – Andy Morell

with guests – Dane Feldman, Molly Freeman