BreakThru News, Ep. 5: Is College Dating That Bad?


By Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein

“Whoever cares less wins.” This is the problem with college dating, or lack thereof, according to Charlotte Lieberman in her Cosmopolitan article “Why Is College Dating So Screwed Up?” Cheerleaders for and protestors against ‘hook-up culture’ have gone back and forth over recent years wielding various studies to prove women’s sexual empowerment and emotional suffering, respectively. The studies seem to present an inconclusive scenario–on the one hand, women enjoy casual sex far less than that in a committed relationship (at least going by number of orgasms). On the other hand, research shows that women are now becoming equal partners when it comes to sex. And now some say ‘hook-up culture’ is actually a myth altogether—students of the ’00s didn’t actually have more sex than those of the late ’80s or ’90s after all.

Anecdotes abound both about the girls calling the shots and managing a deliberate and efficient sex-life in college, as well as those who feel short-changed and even manipulated. Lieberman emphasizes the vagueness of communication and outright fear of labels, often leaving both sides confused. And it doesn’t seem like it’s always the girl who wants something more substantial: 61 percent of boys and 68 percent of girls would have hoped for a hook-up to lead to more. Meanwhile, technology has given us a host of apps to connect with new hook-up buddies or potential committed partners, while at the same time providing a buffer of emoticons and text slang from which to hide behind.

And what about the boys? Dane Feldman’s impression at the end of the conversation may be a surprise—it certainly surprised the two girls he was talking to…

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with guests – Charlotte Lieberman, Dane Feldman