BreakThru News, ep. 23: The Twenty-Something Traveler


By Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein

How can you tell a tourist in DC? “Fanny packs,” according to Joel Church, a writer and artist native to the capitol. Nowadays, travel is about doing everything possible not to be a tourist. Anyone in the Big Apple only has to wrestle through Times Square to realize that the ubiquitous souvenir shops and chain restaurants are surely not all that the city has to offer. Wanderers want adventure, culture, other-ness. Anyone unmoved need only read a few pages of Patrick Leigh Fermor to start day-dreaming.

Travel is often high on people’s wish lists, but very low on their actual plans. For anyone just starting a career and living on a Spartan budget these dreams are easily side-lined. Angkor Wat isn’t going anywhere, right? Fingers crossed. But from another perspective, our twenties might actually be the best time to travel: for most people this is the time of minimum obligations to others. And when else will sleeping in bunk beds with 40 other strangers be remotely appealing as a good story?

The problem is how to do this cheaply. Jess Goulart and Joel Church, BreakThru News’ guests this week, believe it can be done. It is the mission of Jess’ podcast Twenty-Something Traveler, launching next week, along with guests from each destination offering hints for a local experience (Joel is her first guest). Step one: don’t wear a fanny pack.

Video Credits:

Host, Writer – Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein
Video Editor – Andy Morell
Script Supervisor – Matthew DeMello

with guests – Jess Goulart, Joel Church