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Should We Eat Soy? Don’t Take My Word For It…

My relationship with soy has always been a good one, to be honest. I approach soy as logically as anything else; eat it if I want, but an organic, wholesome version, don’t have in excess and do my research. I drink organic soy milk, I eat organic tofu and that’s about it. It worked for me and I didn’t think too much of it.

But, after being vegan for a few months, it wasn’t long before I started reading about how I should avoid soy. The most common is: “soy contains Estrogen!” or “Soy is destroying the environment”, which isn’t wrong at all, but I think we can all agree that’s not because vegans are having a soy latte.

Kris Carr said in “Crazy Sexy Diet” that soy is the “Ping pong ball of the diet debate”, meaning it’s always going back and forth. Soy is healthy, soy is unhealthy, soy is healthy, soy is unhealthy.

What are we meant to believe? And, most importantly: who is saying it?

Well, personally I’ve never felt anything but fantastic since being vegan, apart from some obvious exceptions. Drinking alcohol doesn’t make me feel great, drinking too much coffee doesn’t make me feel great and eating too much bread doesn’t make me feel great. But, apart from that, I’ve never had an issue.

Tofu isn’t a major part of my diet, I have it sometimes and it always tastes good and gives me energy. Soy milk is delicious and, again, has never made me feel badly. Obviously if I had three soy lattes back-to-back I’d feel pretty rotten, but, that’s just logic, right?

A few days ago I came upon this fantastic video on Youtube by one of my new favourite discoveries: The Unnatural Vegan.

If you have a spare 20 minutes and are interested in Soy (or just learning about diet in general!) I highly recommend giving it a viewing. And then, have a good old binge on her videos.

This is science, facts, studies, EVIDENCE.

Not opinion, bias, feelings or “vegan-logic”.

Enjoy 🙂

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