Bloom (Jamie XX rework)


At barely two-and-a-half minutes, Jamie XX’s rework of Radiohead’s “Bloom” is a surprisingly modest affair. With its exotic metallophonic beat and lush vocal sample from Yorke, the remix is lush and ethereal but suspiciously short. And it might be a disappointment if you ignore that there is a carefully built dramatic arc underneath the ostensible prettiness. Vague synth figures materialize from somewhere beyond the song itself and form enough of a melodic arc that the song feels strangely complete. But the catch is that Jamie XX does everything in two minutes that it would take most producers to do in eight: establish, one-by-one, the fundamental stems of the track; introduce some kind of complication in the form of a tonally or metrically different element; lock down for an extended groove with everything playing off one another; bring it all to a heated climax that angles the song up a steeper melodic grade, and slow it all way down with an extended denouement. This is artistic transcendental enlightenment for those in places to be.

via No Genre