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Imaginary Reality at Main Line Art Center
By kelly steinlage

April 25, 2014 · 0 Comments

[Kelly reviews Imaginary Reality, a show that combines the award-winning work of three artists whose imaginations greatly enrich their realism-based creations. — the artblog editors]

Imaginary Reality at Main Line Art Center brings together three artists who use digital technology to deepen their work. Although the styles and media differ, all of the pieces in the show bring photography to mind. It may be that curator Amie Potsic’s background in photography is the thread that holds the show together. The artists–Nic Coviello, Jennie Thwing, and Tim Portlock–are being honored as recipients of the Betsy Meyer award, which comes with a cash prize of $1,000 and an exhibition.

Nic Coviello’s tricky memories

Nic Coviello, “Sky People: Take My Hand,” acrylic and digital media on canvas, 22″ x 26″, 2013

Nic Coviello’s painterly photo collages evoke thoughts on memory and history of place. Throughout the room are bold and bright paintings, vivid brushstrokes providing an imagined background for the photographs of people placed throughout each scene. The combination of photographs with quick brushwork brings to mind the way our brains alter memories as time goes on. The people are real; the details change over time and with each person’s point of view.

“Sky People: Take My Hand” makes the point-of-view schism clear. Two men with binoculars look up into the painted clouds and seem to be arguing about what they see. One tries to point out two people holding hands, while the other searches, but to no avail.

(Courtesy of The Art Blog)
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