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3 Things That Inspire Me: Vol 3

I’ve been following an amazing blog, The Simple Dollar, for a while now – and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite features: Ten Pieces of Inspiration. Each week, writer Trent Hamm talk about 10 things that inspire him to (quote) “greater financial, personal, and professional success.” I get so gosh darned inspired by his posts that I thought I would create my own “inspiration posts” in homage to his great work.

#1 – Strangers

(Photo By Erin Cronican)

As much as I claim that I’m an introvert and that I would rather be alone than with a group of people, I have a special fascination with people watching. I am ALWAYS surprised. Sometimes for the better, and often for the worse, but I always feel so alive when I observe something, or someone, I’ve never seen before.

From The Erin Cronicals.

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