Biology of the Blogger


Dennis Oppenheim – Cancelled Crop

(Photo by Dennis Oppenheim, courtesy of Domokos)

In September the field was harvested in the form of an X. the grain was isolated in it’s raw state, further processing was withheld. The material is planted and cultivated for the sole purpose of withholding it from a product- oriented system. Isolating this grain from further processing (production of food stuffs) becomes like stopping raw pigment from becoming an illusionistic force on canvas.

Bread Still Life

(Photo by Ana Dominguez, courtesy of Domokos)

Bread Still Life – Ana Dominguez
Apartamento Magazine, issue 8
Concept by Ana Dominguez & Omar Sosa
Photography by Nacho Alegre
Photography assistant Robbie Whitehead
Retouching by Lacrin Studio

From Bread Blog.

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