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Twitter & Google+: Your New Content Marketing Strategy

The power of social and SEO combined can give you a huge boost in getting discovered online.
Big news. Google and Twitter are seeing each other again. And that means Twitter just became a lot more valuable to every content producer’s strategy.

Combining the power of social media and search engine optimization, you can greatly enhance your content marketing strategy and your ability to get found online. This post will take you through what you need to know about the new Twitter and Google deal and some creative ways to take advantage of it.

Brief History of SEO and Social

In case you haven’t been following this complicated relationship between the search giant (Google) and the 140 character social network (Twitter) allow me to give you a brief history.

Firstly, you have to understand that before social media, there was search.

The best way to be discovered online was through people finding you in search engine results. Before long, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was born.

Google became (and still remains) the king of online search. However, with the social media revolution a new way of being discovered arose. Word-of-mouth found it’s way into the online world like never before.

Getting discovered and growing your online reach found new life.

That’s not to say though that SEO dropped off – not in the least bit. However what did happen is that SEO was no longer the only game in town. Social Media lowered the barrier for entry into online discovery.

Google understood the growing popularity of social media and decided to begin looking at indexing social networks for their search results.

Facebook initially wouldn’t give Google proper access to index it’s site. After a while though what was once a completely walled garden was now beginning to make a small leak into Google search. But so insignificant that it wasn’t worth writing home about.

Then there was Twitter. It was hot. It was great at real-time relevance. And Google saw that.

So Google struck a deal with Twitter in 2009 to gain access to it’s data. But for some reason in 2011 that deal was broken.

Maybe it was because the inception of Google+ became a threat. Or maybe it was because Twitter just got a little overconfident and didn’t feel it needed a partnership with Google anymore.

We may never know what happened.

With the introduction of Google+, social media activity now worked for you twofold— on the network itself and in Google search. This is why a lot of us early adopters took to Google+ so fiercely— we saw the potential for compounded efforts.

At that point though, most social media activity (apart from Google+ activity) had very little chance at making it into search engine results. This meant that your SEO and your Social Media were two completely separate strategies.

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