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Roasting garlic is good for all the senses.

(photo courtesy of nwaFoodie)


The timer on the oven sings out and lets you know that it is time. Time to remove the roasted garlic. Thankfully, you remember to stand back as you slowly open the oven door in a way that the wafting steam doesn’t blast you in the face. You close your eyes and breathe in. Deeply. Is there anything that surpasses the heavenly smell of oven-roasted garlic? You see it in their faces as your family bounds into the kitchen, joy and anticipation dancing in their eyes. Excitedly they beg, what is that delicious smell? You love to hear the giddy excitement in their voice, don’t you? You reach in to the oven with oversized mitts and inch the pan out slowly, almost ceremoniously, and place it softly on the stovetop. They are gorgeous. The tops of the garlic gloves are bursting, ready for you to nudge them out of their little caves. And then, yes, the best is to come. It is time to taste. Spread on warmly toasted bread; add to salad dressings or casseroles, or add to just about anything. Since you are the one who roasted them and created this sensual environment, it is only right that you get to lick your figures.


(photo courtesy of nwaFoodie)

Roasting garlic is one of the easiest things to do without a lot of work or effort and delivers wonderfully delicious results.

From nwaFoodie!
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