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A Trend I Don’t Like

Within the past year I have noticed a trend within fashion photography, that I am just not vibing. I tried to look at this from other angles and possible see why a company would choose such perspective. However, I could not come up with anything rather than the company wants to focus on clothes. Well… if that is the plan the marketing departments would do the same for men’s clothes, which they don’t. Plus they could do what polyvore does. Not using a model.

Take a look. To prove my point I just went on Tumblr. I took the first ten posts that appeared within my feed and I kid you not 6 photos were using this “trend”, the headless woman.

Photo courtesy of Feminist Snow White.

Photo courtesy of Feminist Snow White.

I don’t like it. The pictures make me feel icky.

I think on a subconscious level we are treating these women like objects. Faces are important. Eyes are the windows to one’s soul. So when you take that away these women are literally becoming advertisements. They aren’t modeling clothes in an ad anymore. They are becoming the ad. An advertisement is an object.

One could say I am reading too much into this but what feelings do these pictures produce?
Do they dare you to challenge your intellect? Do they encourage you to change your wardrobe? Do they make you say “cute swimsuit”? Did you even notice the swimsuit?

I think they encourage a sex drive. Which having a sex drive isn’t wrong. It is highly encouraged! But sex drive shouldn’t come from a company whose whole purpose is to make money by selling clothes. I think it is crass. Not only are these pictures producing a sexual want but doing so for an object. This is dangerous.

We are already becoming desensitized to itemizing in advertisements, violence in fashion ads, when does the line get drawn?

You can blow off this ridiculous post all you like, claim it is just an advertisement. It is just fashion. It is just art. I am just looking for something to complain about. Lobbying my feminist views on small pieces of non-important specs of life.

However, I have already planted my opinion in your brain and plan to water it more with my writing.

Welcome to Feminist Snow White.

From Feminist Snow White.

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