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(photo from Fashion + Geekery)

Forward to Fall
Fall is just around the corner, you guys. We’ve yet to hit a 100 degree day in NYC, but while we’re out and about getting a golden glow, the fall collections are starting to arrive in stores. Here’s the first of a few favorites in this mini series to get you excited for the approaching season.

(photo from Fashion + Geekery)

Not since Paradise Kiss have I witnessed a fusion of luxury fashion and manga that sent my heart soaring, and indulged my every fashion obsessed geek girl’s dream. The only other book to ever do that was Sina Grace’s Not My Bag. Which was in fact largely a comic book ode to Alexander McQueen (so obviously a favorite of mine) and, note to self: It’s high time I review that for you here! In the meantime…

I want to kiss Sarah Burton on the lips for this inspired collection. For whatever reason (I’m dying to know what). Burton had the genius idea to tap manga artist Yoshiyasu Tamura (Fudegami) to illustrate custom McQueen manga pages. A print that depicts last season’s “Angry Bunny“ as a samurai, and features prominently throughout the collection. Indeed, it dominates jackets, sweaters, jeans…my heart…. It’s young (denim, leather, oversized sweaters…oh yeah, and manga!) It’s playful, while still carrying the luxe tailored pieces you expect from the label. It reads like a loveletter to Tokyo from London, and… it is the stuff of my fantasies.

By Fashion + Geekery, July 21, 2014.
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