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(Courtesy of Fashion + Geekery)

Jeremy Scott: Fashion industry rebel bad boy? Yes. Bat shit cray Genius? Possibly.

Scott’s great contribution to fashion is his ability to poke fun at fashion, with a skilled hand, an eye for proportion, a knack for accessories, an understanding of marketing and merchandising… it’s this combination of talent and vision that excites us, appalls us and makes us want to buy things while questioning his intentions (are you in fact making fun of us, the consumer? ) and our own sense of humor (maybe we need to stop criticizing his work and lighten up and just enjoy?)

What I love about his latest for Moschino (apart from some of the atrocious evening wear… I swear, I think half the time he sits back and laughs out loud at himself thinking: “I dare someone to wear this.”) is that he was not only making fun of fashion and consumerism–in true Scott fashion– but it also played like a tribute to one of our greatest fashion icons. An homage to the very cliche and very real “Barbie is the reason I wanted to become a fashion designer, ” story.

From Fashion + Geekery.

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