Biology of the Blogger


Fifty Thoughts I Have While Working From Home
By Hannah Gettleman

1. *Alarm goes off* Wait, I’m working from home today, I can sleep in! *Turns off alarm*

2. *2 hours later* Okay, now I can get up.

3. Gotta check email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Okay, now I can get up. *Stretches*

5. It’s too quiet in here. Let’s turn on Pandora/Spotify.

6. *Mini dance party for 20 minutes*

7. *Opens Computer* Okay, I have to get _____ (insert major project) done today.

8. I’m hungry, getting some breakfast.

9. Supervisor phone call in a half hour. Need to focus.

10. *Browses Buzzfeed*

11. Ooh, a funny article about cats and babies! I have to share it on my social media pages.

12. I should probably get dressed.

13. *Stays in pajamas for remainder of day*

14. I need to focus and get that spreadsheet done.

From Forever Twenty-Something.
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