NYC Crying Guide - "Top Of The New York Sightseeing Bus"


Top of the New York Sightseeing Bus When It’s Raining

New York, NY 10001

Great for those days when right when you wake up you just know you’re going to be crying all day! If it luckily happens to be raining on this day – throw on a poncho and get on the NY Sightseeing Bus ASAP!!! Grab yourself a day pass for all day crying fun!! Hardly anyone will be sitting up top with you, so you can really cry it out big and loud! Plus, you can even take a picture of yourself in front of a recognizable tourist attraction to send to your parents and friends!!! They won’t ever be able to differentiate the painful tears from rain drops they see all over your face so no need to worry. This kind of cry is a true, authentic gem of an experience that will make you hope everyday is a rainy day!!!!

Courtesy of NYC Crying Guide

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