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3 Steps To Find The Blog Topic That Helps You Stand Out

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I was talking to a friend who is excited about the idea of starting a site. He said: “I have not blogged before so I just need a topic! This is the hard part!”. Many beginners might get stuck at this same stage so let’s take a look at things you should consider when finding a perfect topic to cover on your blog.

Reputations are built by those that share knowledge, experiences and insights. We live in the information age, where people rely on information and use Internet to research. The idea is to post about a topic that you are passionate about, that you know a lot about, and that people want to know about. This perfect topic, your sweet blogging spot, is found by interlinking these areas:

Your passion – topic that you really love and care about
Your assets – topic that you are really good at
Market reality – topic there is interest and demand for

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1. Passion: What gets you up in the morning?
Let’s be honest, most sites are boring. They look like any other site, their content is like any other site and they are as forgettable as any other site. There is just not enough demand for all that content supply.

Not everyone understands what engaging content means. Many bloggers churn out farmed content, they are content machines. They can write many “unique” articles focusing on “keywords”, but they are answering questions nobody’s asking. Their content lacks insights and ideas. It lacks substance. It lacks value. It is not passionate, useful, entertaining nor interesting.

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