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The feature film will display both Zombies similar in THE UNDEAD promo video and badly decayed ones you’ve seen on THE WALKING DEAD. The reason for this is the zombies in the beginning of the film will have just been exposed to nuclear radiants. Therefore in the beginning they’ll be brain dead individuals bleeding from their orifices(eyes, ears, nose, mouth) and progress to a more decayed state in reel time.

20130828195651-zombieZOMBIES once again have made a HUGE impact on crowdfunding, The Undead is currently 54% funded with 33 days to go and has featured on Indiegogo’s homepage for nearly a week now which is unbelievable for a indy zombie film.

Be a part of the new zombie craze ! $5 gets YOUR name in the film plus a poster and a comic book ! and that is just the first perk out of many. Other perks include the DVD, Skype calls and for the higher budget perks you can even write an ALTERNATIVE ending for the film and have it made and featured on the DVD special features !

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