awkwardsound - Song Review: Tegan and Sara's "Closer"


Tegan and Sara have made a habit out of emerging victorious in the stylistic evolution game by taking bold new steps with each effort, transcending from indie folk into power pop and in their latter two releases, hook-heavy synth pop. Recently, the sisters Quinn have somewhat surprisingly become the EDM world’s best bet go-to act in wrangling unsuspecting indie rock listeners into their ridiculous foray of fluorescent lazer shows by teaming the cool-voiced Canadians up with two of the most successful DJs on the planet in Tiesto and David Guetta. If you thought for a second these giant influences wouldn’t rub off on Tegan and Sara on their next go, then their new single “Closer” off their untitled 2013 album will have you giving up the “…Ghost.” The jangly guitar riffs and buzzing neon keys that once tied together each hook and harmony have now been replaced with a high speed beat of fizzling synths and a bleeding heart chorus (“I want you close / I won’t treat you like you’re typical…”) confessed with such innocent conviction that it only makes it the year’s most unsuspecting “forever young” dance pop anthems. There’s probably some faction of T & S’ fan base out there crying foul over what has to be arguably their biggest departure from alt-pop to date, but on the plus side, at least they won’t have to click the “Private Session” option each time they key up the search term “Guetta” on Spotify — There’s nothing embarrassing about EDM when Tegan and Sara are owning up to it with perfection