Ass - Eastern District Presents Mosholu

It may be the subversively patriotic cover art, or the military-style drums and woodwinds, but I totally see this as Dream Team 2012 victory music. I can picture LeBron, Melo, Kobe, Durant and company marching out of London, looking ahead stoically as James Harden and Andre Igoudala carry wooden stakes adorned with the heads of the Gasol brothers behind them. Blake Griffin, knee issues aside, trying to dunk over a member of the Queen’s Guard in earnest. Kool A.D and Heems shuffling behind, lamenting the lack of Indian NBA ballers, while Talib Kweli praises Tyson Chandler for his excellent lateral mobility and weak-side help defense. The conversation would end briskly once Tyson inquires when Blackstar 2 is coming out.

But still, the summer Olympics are gonna be awesome.

Talib Kweli & Das Racist – The Actual

Eastern District Presents Mosholu

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