AppleBites - "Australian Treasury Department adopts Apple, Leaves BlackBerry by the Wayside!"

Close on the heels of becoming the largest Smartphone vendor in the US, Apple has added another feather in its illustrious cap by scoring a major win in Oz. The Australian Department of Treasury will replace its entire fleet of BlackBerry mobile phones with iPhone 5s.Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 1.08.54 PM

The department in the past has always provided BlackBerry devices to its staff as it was one of very few Smartphone devices certified by the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD). Recently, however, iOS devices made that cut recieving DSD certification for government use. Almost immediately, the department decided to jump the iOS bandwagon.

“We’re going to use Apple devices as our corporate platform — iPhones and iPads for now,” said Chief Information Officer Peter Alexander “Basically because iOS has been evaluated by Defence Signals Directorate.”

This certainly would not have gone down well with Research In Motion (RIM) who have recently changed their name to BlackBerry, after their once popular Smartphone. To top it all, this comes at at a time when BlackBerry are debuting their new OS BB10, with hopes of making a comeback.

We wish BlackBerry all the luck for their new OS. But for now, iOS functionality is just way better than BlackBerry’s.

Courtesy of AppleBites.