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Allthingsd reports about AT&T’s new retail store.

The new-look stores, which are rolling out nationwide, feature lots of wood, lots of products to try out — and no check-out counters. Instead, workers with tablets will be able to help customers face-to-face throughout the store.

They are inspired by Apple Retail Stores.

Apple Retail Store
Apple Retail Store are the perfect place to shop for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and more. You can also visit to attend free workshops or get support for your exsisting Apple devices.

Smart Apple employees at Genius Bars offer free support and answer all your questions – ask them just about anything. They always impress.

Genius folks have these ‘red telephones’, a direct line to Apple product specialists, for questions too completecated for in-store employees to handle.

Scott McNulty shares how he loves Apple Store but it’s so crowded. These stores are crowded because people can not resist getting seduced. That’s what Apple stores are designed for.

Apple has it’s own techniques to seduce you. Apple takes care of every detail — one of the interesting techniques is the degree of inclination in which notebook computers screens are kept at. Forces you to step ahead, adjust the screen and start checking out the Mac computers.

You know about school trips to Meusems, parks etc. But school trips to the Apple Store? Yes.

It’s a computer store where you do not see unnesseary cables lying or any simply any unwanted stuff. Every thing is minimilistic, just right.

Generally efforts are put into building a perfect product. Apple does that. But Apple doesn’t stop there. They go our of their way – creating value for employees, customers, investors, shareholders, competitors, copiers.

Retail Intellectual Property
Apple Store designs are trademarked. Apple has patented signage & security features of the store, Paris Apple Store design is patented in the name of Steve Jobs. There are tons of store patents & trademarks registed. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Enjoy this video:

Update: Funny website mocking Apple Retail employee excuses. I believe people only dig on stuff they care about.

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