Altered Zones - Steve Moore: "High Fantasy"


Steve Moore of Zombi and Lovelock fame recently took a dip into a collection of old synth demos he had lying around, and landed upon a batch that he put to tape just before the release of the former project’s debut full-length, Cosmos. Though Moore says he “never gave any thought to releasing them,” and “liked the idea of keeping them for [himself],” he handed six of them over to Minneapolis’ Moon Glyph, who’ve gone and released them in the form of Demo 2004. Earlier this week, Tiny Mix Tapes posted this galactic mini-epic from the limited edition cassette, and it’s got a lot more high drama than your average arpeggiation spree. Cinema-ready synth melodies nest into that delightful intermediate space between solemnity and cheeze, while deep bass explosions make us wonder whether we haven’t crashlanded onto the set of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, final showdown-style. –Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

MP3: Steve Moore: “High Fantasy”

Demo 2004 cassette is available now via Moon Glyph (limited to 150)

via Altered Zones